WATERFOAM™-FHF and WATERFOAM™-1K-LV is a one component polyurethane, hydrophobic resin, which reacts with water to produce an inflexible, heavy duty grout suitable for waterproofing and sealing cracks and joints of concrete surfaces, and for effectively stopping water leaks.

Recommended for use on concrete subject to severe structural movements (seismic activity), vehicular traffic, etc..

Application is by one component injection pump.

Stopping water leaks in such structures as:

• Foundations,
• below-grade structures, e.g. garages,
• tunnels & underpasses,
• sewage systems,
• tanks,
• waterways & dams.


• Effective sealer of cracks & voids in concrete, especially in joints.
• Of low viscosity: Deep penetration with minimal  pressure.
• Produces a flexible & completely hydrophobic foam.
• Easy to apply: One component with a very reasonable pot-life.
• Highly resistant to fungi and other microorganisms.
• Friendly to the user and the environment:
Contains no solvents or propellant gasses – safe to store, transport and use.

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